Those interested in submitting a proposal for the NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research (R3) must provide a one-page notice of intent white paper (11 point font Calibri) that describes the intrinsic merit of the proposed research. Also provide a separate simple bulleted list of what will be included in the budget. Submit the white paper by no later than 5 PM February 4, 2022. In the project title, state which appendix and subtopic in the NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research (R3) solicitation the research addresses. We will send selection decisions to all groups by NLT February 11.

Submit to: Angela Des Jardins at

Proposal Evaluation
Successful R3 proposals shall provide sound contributions to both immediate and long-term scientific and technical needs of NASA as explicitly expressed in the current R3 solicitation.

EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Intrinsic Merit info:
NASA will use the following criteria: Intrinsic Merit, Management, and Budget Justification. The bulleted lists after each criterion below should not be construed as any indication of priority or relative weighting. Rather, the bullets are provided for clarity and facilitation of proposal development.

Intrinsic Merit (65% of score)
• Proposed research shall have clear goals and objectives; address the expectations described in the announcement; and be consistent with the budget, effectively utilize the program management, and demonstrate a high probability for successful implementation.
• Proposals shall provide a narrative of the proposed research activity, including the scientific and/or technical merit of the proposed research, unique and innovative methods, approaches, concepts, or advanced technologies, and the potential impact of the proposed research on its field.
• Existing Research Proposals shall provide baseline information about current research activities in the proposed research area currently funded under NASA EPSCoR R3.