Tribal College Faculty Space Hardware Development Workshop

Montana NASA EPSCoR is pleased to announce the summer 2014 Space Hardware Development Workshop
for Tribal College Faculty and their students June 16 - August 7th, 2014.

Postitions available for summer 2014: 2 to 4 faculty and 1 to 4 students (NEW for 2014)

Workshop participants will…

- Fabricate a custom scientific camera suitable for space flight operations based on the camera designed for the SKC CubeSat.
- Acquire skills in circuit board layout, microcontrollerbased space hardware design, and the space hardware development process.
- Learn about NASA opportunities for tribal colleges to develop and fly payloads on high altitude balloons, airplanes, suborbital rockets, small satellites, and the International Space Station.
- Meet other tribal college faculty interested in space hardware development.
- Enjoy the amazing northwest Montana summer.

How to apply
Online application required: the workshop application consists of four quick parts and is due online April 1, 2014.

1. Contact info.
2. Resume/CV.
3. Statement of interest in the Workshop and how it will benefit your home institution.
4. Agreement to hold a workshop at your home institution on what you learned.

Workshop Details
- Run by BisonSat CubeSat faculty advisors Tim Olson, Thomas Trickel and Andrew Westerman - all space hardware and space camera experts at Salish Kootenai College.
- Monday June 16th through Thursday August 7th although dates can be flexible. Ten hour days, four days
per week with Fridays off. Pow-wow holidays off.
- Flat stipend for six weeks of work: faculty $7,500 and students $3,600. Travel and housing must be
paid for from the stipend. Inexpensive ($500-$600/month) single and family-style housing is available
on the SKC campus.
- Postitions available for summer 2014: 2 to 4 faculty and 1 to 4 students (NEW for 2014)
- Questions? Contact Tim Olson at, 406-275-4898

Tribal College Space Hardware
Development Workshop
Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT
June 16-August 7th, 2014


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